Android vs iOS

1. Cost


 Android devices are economical than that of iPhone. Apple products are referred to as premium products, so it must keep it's policies. Android is a open source Operating System, so it is not expensive. We can get an average featured Android Phone at a cost below Rs 6000. But if you want to buy an iPhone you must spend at least  Rs30000 for it's old versions. As we buy newer version, the money will also increase.

2. Apps


Developers prefers to launch their apps on IOS platform than in android, the reason is that, users trusts more App Store accepted apps. Instagram is a good example. But numbers don't suggest this.There are 2.8 million apps in play store and 2.2 million apps in App Store. But the fact is that, iOS users can download these apps without any worries.

3. Battery Life

Battery Life

Comparing Android and IOS battery life is difficult, because both are built using different hard wares. In each versions, iOS devices have a predefined battery storage. In case of Android, there is no relation between the OS version and battery. Manufacturers make different mAh battery's based on the price. Both iOS and Android provides the battery saving mode options. But compared to iOS, Android phones provide more battery life than similar priced iOS products.

4. Updates


As iOS is the native Operating System of Apple, it provides timely updates for it's devices. But in case of Android, many of the phones won't support the latest Oreo version. If you want an Android phone with consistent and timely software updates, we must buy Google's Pixel phones. If we check the statistics, more than 50% of the iPhone users have the latest iOS version, whereas the Android users may be below 1 percentage.

5. Customization


Users mainly prefer Android phones due to it's customization features. We can add any themes to the phone or can change the entire user interface by using launchers. But in case of iOS we won't have similar freedom. Because many of the default options are not unlocked. This is the biggest advantages of using the Android devices.

6. Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants

Both Android and iOS have it's own voice assistants. Apple's Siri is more like a straight forward helper, which we can be used to reading news, setting alarm, internet browsing etc. But in case of Google assistant it provides more suggestions based on the voice. Google Assistant can be used as an entertainment media. Rather than just commanding, we can have conversations with it. Also, we can include some third party voice assistants from play store.

7. Security


iOS is built using Unix, which makes it secure from the default. Also, each applications that are placed in App Store are 100% secure. Also, they patches the security threats in each following versions. The latest devices are secured with  Touch ID and Face ID. Each and every data of the users in an iOS devices are encrypted. They are even securing our data from FBI. On the other hand, Android devices are not secure. Some manufacturers takes extra effort to secure their devices. As it allows download of applications from outside the play store, which is one of the worst thing from Android.  

8. Storage


Android dominates over iOS in this area. iOS products storage cannot be expandable, it doesn't support the use of external storage. But, when it comes to Android, it supports external storage, and in some of the new devices the limit extended up to 1TB. Not only in the case of external storage, Android have upper hand in cloud storage. iCloud only offers 5GB free storage whereas Google Drive provides up to 15GB free storage. For addition storage iCloud charges $1 per month for 50GB, Google drive charges $2 per month for 100GB.

9. Compatibility


As an open source Operating System, Android is used in mobile device by most manufacturers. This is also one reason why Android is more popular than iOS. Whereas iOS is only designed for Apple products. Which is a reason why it is less used than Android.


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