A comparison between Dell Laptops and HP Laptops

1. Price


The American Multi National company, Dell is known for releasing budget Laptops.  The laptop is having a starting price of  ₹ 15,990 and the costlier will have a price tag above 2 lakhs. But in case of HP Laptops we may have to give  price above ₹ 20,000 for the budget laptop. The reason behind the price difference is that Dell produces laptops aiming every class. But HP prefers to launch their laptops for professional users. So they doesn't makes any compromise on their laptops basic features.

2. Design and Appearance

Design and Appearance

Dell laptops are known for it's versatility. In each new laptop they release, they will have something new in the kit. Based on your budget, you can select the best variety laptop. Dell gives you thinnest laptops as well as the thickest. Dell XPS 13 is a thin laptop from the brand. But in case of HP, they always releases similar designed laptops. They makes the change in the gaming laptops due to the hardware requirements. But there are exceptions in the HP's spectre series. So, if you want a unique laptop design, then it would be better preferring the Dell brand

3. Personal Usage

Personal Usage

Comparing two companies based on the personal usage is not fair, because both brands have its own products which satisfies the different type of users. But considering Dell, it' having a wider user target. Its range begins from basic personal usage laptops to powerful gaming laptops. This is also a reason that customers prefers dell. Now a days a basic usage laptop from these two brands provide minimum 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. Although Dell tops in this criteria, it is not the perfect decision. There are many HP laptops which satisfies the customers.   

4. Gamer's Choice

Gamer's Choice

Both brands releases gaming laptops in the Indian market. A basic gaming laptop requires 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD and the latest i7 processor. Dell XPS 15 is the best gaming laptop of this year from the Dell. It is having 8 GB RAM and 4 GB graphics card and having ultra-thin design. The laptop is priced at ₹269185 in the Indian market. HP released Omen series laptop and priced at ₹ 74,999. Selecting best brand of gaming laptop is difficult, but Dell is having a slight advantage than the HP. Because it gives a variety of options from low budget to higher. Its Alienware subsidiary is ruling in the current gaming laptops.

5. Performance


Hewlett Packard laptops having a upper hand in this criteria. The reason is that the company uses high class processors for any of its laptops. Also we can expect a minimum 4 GB RAM from the brand. Another reason is that, compared to Dell, HP is having less bloat wares. The reason behind the features is that HP produces entertainment centric laptops so, it should perform well. The above statement doesn't mean Dell is poor performer. But due to its bloat wares and old processors it's having less performance in the low budget laptops. 

6. Customer Support

Customer Support

Dell is having a clear win in this category. Dell is providing timely customer care service. For any warranty issues, the company gives immediate replacement. There is also a case of perfection in this scenario. They will guide you perfectly and it is a fact that they gives  support and repairs in no time. The statements doesn't makes HP a poor customer care. We can call the service center's or using web we can write complaints. But the thing that make difference is the quality of service. Dell have an upper hand compared to most of its competitors in this area. 

7. Audio System

Audio System

Dell is having an upper hand in this criteria. Dell is providing great audio system at cheap budget. But for HP, we may have to pay more for great quality sounds. Dell cares more on the audio region of its laptops. As the price increases, Dell gives you high quality sound compared to Hewlett Packard's laptop.

8. Battery


The battery life doesn't depends on the brand. It depends on the capacity of the battery. But there is a thing to consider, which brand provides high capacity laptops and lasts longer. The winner in this criteria is hp. It uses prismatic battery, which lasts longer than the Dell battery's. Also, hp gives  cell battery in their budget laptops and gives more life. The Dell looks a little weaker in this scenario. Dell uses lithium ion battery and it will have lesser life.

9. Display


HP wins in the display criteria. The Dell brand uses TN Panel in most of its laptops, especially in their budget laptops. But HP uses the IPS Panel in their laptops. The difference is that, TN Panel doesn't have great viewing angles compared to IPS Panel. Also, it lacks clearer views.

10. Long Life

Long Life

Long life of a laptop highly depends on the usage. But there is small role for brand in the criteria. HP leads in this. HP  provides great battery's and there is no worry in the life of battery. Also, it comes with high quality key boards and compared to Dell it is having one of the best hardware.


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