Golden Glove(Yashin Award) Winners

1. Michel Preud'homme

Michel Preud'homme

Goal Keepers were the most underrated players in the football in the earlier times. Considering this situation, FIFA decided to identify the best performers in the goal post and started awarding in the name of Yashin Award(One of the greatest goal keepers). But later in the 2010 edition, it was renamed to Golden Glove award. The awarding initiated in the 1994 USA World Cup along with Golden ball, Golden Shoe awards.

Excellent shot-stopping abilities, quick reflexes, agility, strength, tenacity was Michel Preud'homme's talents. The Belgium goal keeper was brilliant in the goal post for the team in the 1994 edition. In the group stage Michel conceded just 2 goals and done some amazing savings. Although the team finished third in the group stage Belgium was advanced to the next round, thanks to the great savings from the goalie. But blocking Voller attack was far from his hand lost to Germany in the round of 16. But considering performance Michel was awarded with the inaugural Golden Glove Award.

2. Fabien Barthez

Fabien Barthez

Fabien Barthez's role was crucial in letting the France to win the 1998 World Cup Final. Although Ronaldo had a mysterious illness before the match, Brazil team was all set to shake the France net. With the efforts of Zidane, France dominated in the first half 2-0, but  blocking counter attacks from Brazil in the second half was a tougher challenge for the goalie. Marcel Desailly's dismissal in the second half was one more trouble for the France team. But Barthez managed to block all the shots towards the goal post gifting a 3-0 domination in the finals. Throughout the tournament, the Monaco goalie just conceded 2 goals with both being a penalty shootout. Blocking Demetrio Albertini's penalty in the quarter finals against Italy was his one more feather in his blocking list.

3. Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn

One of the most ill fated Goal Keepers in the World Cup history. Although done whatever he can, the German captain wasn't able to lift the 2002 World Cup. Blocking the attacks from Ronaldo was a sturdy challenge for Oliver Kahn with a weak German defense. With his excellent performance, Oliver Kahn was also awarded with the Golden ball award, the only goalkeeper in the World Cup to do so. Till the final, Kahn conceded just one goal and was the only notable performer from the German side. He was injured before the match and set to play the Final with the wounded fingers. But this caused a lot for the goalie. Oliver Kahn was unable to hold the ball struck by Rivaldo in the second half and Ronaldo used the second ball to shake the nets. Except for this, Oliver Kahn was a one man army in the German team.

4. Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon

AfterZidane was sent off, winning the Final was a easier task for the Italian team.In the penalty shootouts as the kick from David Trezeguet hit the bars Italian side made the successmore easier. Although Gianluigi Buffon had small role in winning the finals, hisrole in leading Italian side to the finals was crucial. There was 5 cleansheets for him in the tournament. He conceded goals only twice in thetournament, one being a self goal in the group stage along with a final penaltyfrom Zinadine Zidane. His notable performance in the tournament was againstAustralian team. The team looked to be a dark horses with unexpected attacks tothe opposite goal post. But Buffon was excellent in the goal post and not allowed toshake the net once.

5. Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas

As the Spain lift the 2010 World Cup, Iker Casillas was the most underrated performer in the side. His performances was fringed to the role of a captain. But he was much more than that in the tournament for the Spain side. Spain team began the World cup with a defeat and won the remaining two matches of the group stage to qualify for the knock out round. There was 4 clean sheets for him in the tournament and the penalty saving performance against Paraguay was his best performance. In every sense, Casillas was a great leader but his fame doesn't ends there because he was the only third goal keeper to win the title. 

6. Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer

With the Manuel Neuer's achievement in 2014, Germany became the only team to produce 2 Golden glove talents. But Oliver Kahn will be the best among these. Manuel Neuer was excellent in the finals rescuing the team from the fire shots of Lionel Messi and team. There was 3 clean sheets for him in the tournament and conceded just 4 goals. Germany's success was purely due to their well built defense in which Neuer was the key player. The Bayern Munich goal keeper made some wonder saves for the German side in the edition.


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