Brazil has been the most successful team in the FIFA World Cup events with 5 trophies in the shelf. The team has won their first title in the 1958 Sweden World Cup. This World Cup witnessed an emergence of one of the greatest footballer, Pele. In the finals, the Brazilian team thrashed the hosts for a 5-2 margin. In the next World Cup tournament in 1962, Brazil was once again crowned as the World Cup Champions. In the finals, Brazil thrashed Czechoslovakia for a 3-1 margin. Aiming for a perfect hat trick in 1966, Brazil team showcased a disappointing performance in the 1966 edition. But Pele and boys conquered the 1970 World Cup and caught their 3rd, defeated Italy in a 4-1 score card. Brazil won their 4th title in the 1994 edition. In the finals, Brazil team once again defeated the Italian squad in a penalty shootouts. Brazil's last achievement was in the year 2002, thrashed German team in a 0-2 score card to place their 5th in the cart.



Germany made their debut tournament victory in the year 1954 defeating Hungary in a 3-2 scorecard. The team had to wait for 20 more years for their next World Cup reign. In the 1974 event, hosts Germany defeated Netherlands in a 2-1 margin. Although played 2 more finals in the 1982 and 1986 editions, Germany faced upset against Italian team and Argentina. But in the 1990 edition, Germany showcased a perfect revenge for their 1986 edition final loss against Argentina. A 3-2 win in the final added 3rd title to the wagon and equaled with Brazil's 3. At the Brazil World Cup in 2014, Germany  won their 4th World Cup by again thrashing Argentina for a 1-0 score card.



Out of their 6 World Cup Final appearances, Italy secured the victory in 4 occasions. In their first appearance in 1934, Italy defeated Czechoslovakia for a 2-1 score card. Although made the final in 1938 edition, Italy had to give up the trophy for a 4-2 score card against Hungary. Italy once again reached the final in 1970 and lost to Brazil for a 4-1 margin. In the 1982 World Cup, Italy's opponents in the finals were Germany, thrashed the opponents for a  3-1 score. In the 2006 Germany World Cup, Italy's victory was in the penalty shootouts, after a 1-1 score card in the extra time. 



Argentina reached the FIFA World Cup Finals five times including their achievement in the inaugural edition. Argentina won their first title in the year 1978 thrashing Netherlands for a 3-1 margin. Kempes and Luque were the key players for the side in the tournament. Although disappointed in the 1982 edition, Argentina once again were raised to thrones by hanging in the wings of Diego Maradona,  In the finals, Argentina defeated West Germany for a 3-2 score card. Whilst Argentina reached the finals two more time in 1990 and 2014, the team was beaten by Germany in both the occasions.



Uruguay was the inaugural World Cup Champions. The hosts conquered Argentina for a 4-2 score card in the finals. The 1950 edition was once again favored the Uruguayan team. This time, Uruguay's opponents were  the mighty Brazil and the match ended with a 2-1 score card favoring Uruguay. Óscar Míguez was the top scorer for the side blasting 5 goals in the tournament. In the vintage times, Uruguay was one of the dominators in the  game of football, but later the team diminished due to lack of star players.



The Spanish squad was one of the ordinary performers in the FIFA events. After their 1950 semi final appearances, Spain had to wait 60 years for yet another final four appearance. But this time, Casillas and team had something more to showcase. In the final against Netherlands, Spain team won the match with the courtesy of a extra time goal from Iniesta. 



The 1966 World Cup was hosted by England and the same team conquered the World Cup trophy. In their final against Germany, England lifted the trophy for a 4-2 margin. Geoff Horst showcased a hattrick performance in the final, became only player to to do so. After this marvelous performance, England team reached the semi final only once in 1990.



France had lifted the World Cup trophy only once. In the 1998 World Cup, Didier Deschamps and team defeated the mighty Brazilians for a 3-0 margin. Zinadine Zidane was the key player throughout the tournament including a double goal in the finals. The match was filled with lots of drama. Brazilian striker Ronaldo was reported with an ill before the match and the things became more easier for the French team.


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