Comparison between Laptop and Desktop

1. Cost


The cost of Laptop and Desktop will vary depending upon their specifications and brand. For a full desktop set(Computer and Monitor), it will cost around Rs. 22000 in Indian market. There will be cheaper desktop than this.

In case of laptop, the price will be a slight higher than the  Desktop. For a good quality laptop(Quality in the sense, higher storage, graphics card enable )it may cost around 28000 in India. If you want a laptop, which is lesser than the mentioned price, we must compromise in one of the quality of the laptop.

2. Portability


The one quality which attracts the customers towards the laptop is its portability feature. Laptops can be operated in any places. Employers highly prefers to work with the laptops due to this feature. Consider a scenarios such as we may want to show our system to someone else, and it is not possible with Desktop. But if we have laptop, we can take it to any other place we want.

Desktop computers are mainly designed to operate in a single place. It is not practical to move the system from one place to another.   So if you want a portable system, then it is better using Laptops.

3. Processors


When it comes to processors, Desktop processors are larger in size. Not only larger in size, it will be more powerful than that of the laptop processors. The latest advanced processors are first launches in the desktop platform.

But in case of Laptop's, the size will be comparatively smaller than the desktop. Also, we may need to pay more for the advanced processors, mainly due to its size. The advanced versions of processors are launched in the gaming laptops.

4. Setting up the System

Setting up the System

Laptop takes an advantage in this point. To set up a Laptop, the user doesn't need any extra technical skills. Buy one from the shop and unbox it. We can use from the next moment onwards. The only basic things that are needed is, the user only have to know how to switch on and charge.

But in case of Desktop's, assembling is a complex thing. We may forced to use external technical support for this. Also, desktop requires more space to place. A small room with a table and chair is mandatory to use a desktop and it may also require extra space, if we are using external hardware's such as printer.

5. Keyboard


Key Board is an important input device in any computer system. In desktop's it requires an external keyboard to give input to the system. Also, we can see a noticeable difference between the two.The size of Desktop keyboards are larger than the laptop keywords. The reason for the difference is that, desktops contains extra number pad in the right side of the keyboard.

But in case of laptop's there is no limitation for size of the keyboard, it will rely on the laptop size. Also, it doesn't have number pad on the right side. But there are some laptops with larger keyboard and number pad, but these laptops will be heavier than the usual. 

6. Screen size

Screen size

A normal desktop should have a monitor size of 15"  and it can be larger than this. It is possible to use a desktop as Televisions, so in these scenario's the size may be large as TV.

But in case of laptop's the monitor size may vary from 10" to 17" depending on the users need. Manufacturers produce laptop's in various sizes due to its portability feature. But the user can extend the view by connecting the devices to external displays like projectors.

7. Upgrading


Desktops are known for its up gradable feature. Most part of a desktop can be easily removable, so it makes easier to upgrade the components.  The larger size of the cases is also an advantage in the case. For example, if you want to replace a keyboard, just unplug the connector and fix the new one.

But in case of laptops, we can only upgrade the Memory and hard drive. Because, other components of a laptop are built in, and need expert guidance for the operations on it. Also, if you want to upgrade a component other than the memory and hard drive, the only option is to buy a new laptop.   

8. Gaming


In case of gaming, desktop stays one step front than laptop. The main reason is that, laptop have limited physical space, which results in limited graphics capabilities.  This is also a reason for higher price of gaming laptops.

9. Repairing


Laptop repairing is a complex task. As most of its components are built-in, it necessary to take the help from a computer expert. Also it is difficult to find a replacement part. We may need to call the computer manufacturer or from online sites.

In case of Desktop's, it is easier to find hardware in the local computer stores. Also, fixing the components doesn't require any external effort.

10. Others


There are more differences between a laptop and desktop. Desktops are more heavier than that of laptops. A  simple desktop with monitor and keyboard may weight almost 25lbs. But a laptop will weight at most 8lbs. There are different versions of laptops based on the weight. An ultralight model will have weight under 3lbs. 

Desktops produce lesser heat than that of Laptops. The total number of ports in desktop will be higher than of laptops.


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