Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S9+ and iPhoneX

1. Price


Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the latest release of Galaxy's S series.The phone has been already been a sensation in the Mobile market. Considering its specifications, Samsung has released one of the best Smartphones. iPhone X, on the other hand is a flagship phone released by Apple on their 10th anniversary. The phone has also improved it's specifications from the predecessors. Comparing the price Samsung Galaxy S9+ is having a starting price of Rs.62990. But the price varies on it's specifications and variants. iPhoneX is having a higher rate comparing to the S9+. The starting price of iPhoneX 64GB version is Rs.83750.

2. Screen Quality

Screen Quality

Samsung smartphones are always known for their displays. They takes extra effort on the display. Super Amoled display was introduced by Samsung in the phone industry. The S9+ comes with 6.2 inch QHD SAMOLED display with 18:5:9 aspect ratio. It also have 1200 Nits bright side panel.

In case of IPhone X, it have a 5.8-inch HD Retina(2436*1200 pixels) display with 19:9 aspect ratio. It has just introduced OLED display. In case of display, S9+ have a advantage.

3. Hardware


When it comes to the hardware iPhoneX stands the top. As an Apple product they will be heavily concentrating on the phones hardware. To get a good hard ware for a smartphone it requires a good software. As software and hardware related to each other Apple is having the best OS.  Analyzing of hardware is done by checking how effectively it works.   iOS makes iPhone hardware more efficient. 

Whereas S9+, as an Android device it will surely have its own drawbacks coming to the hardware section. But it is not a worrying thing, Samsung will solve the hardware issues with its software patches 

4. Software


It is the same thing that mentioned above. It will be a comparison with Android and iOS. Android is an open source Operating System, so it requires high attention towards the security. Hackers highly prefers to damage the Android devices. But Samsung has come with powerful Exynos 9810 SoC chipset, which is an advantage from the software side. It is fast, power efficient and supports 4K videos and 60fps.

Considering iPhoneX, it comes with iOS 11 and have A11 Hexa-Core Bionic Chip. which is best in the current scenario. It will be more effective in things like AI, facial recognition etc.

Selecting best in the software will rely on the user preference.

5. Camera


Predicting the camera performance blindly will be a tough nut.But with given specifications Samsung S9+ stays ahead of the competitor. It comes with dual rear camera set up with 12MP wide angle and 12MP telephoto lens for better zoom and DSLR style photo's. In S9+  allows us to handle the blur intensity of an image which is already caught or yet to catch. It also have feature of slow motion video recordig upto 960 fps in HD.

In case of iPhoneX  it comes with dual-rear camera, and we can adjust the lighting of the photos  after taken it. The iPhone X's slow motion rate is only 240fps in Full HD.

6. Battery


Samsung Galaxy S9+ takes the upper hand again in the battery feature. It comes with a 3500mAh battery  with up to 94 hours of MP3 playback or up to 15 hours of internet use. 

i Phone X is having 2716 mAh battery. It provides lesser usage than the S9+. Both comes with fast and wireless charging features.

7. Emojis


Samsung Galaxy S9+ comes with AR Emoji's. They are the emoji's of yourself, which means when you are taking a photo, the phone converts it into related emoji's and we can also covert it into animations. We can send it as message to our friends.

Apple have Animoji in it. These are animated emoji's of animals, robot's, aliens etc. We can combine these with our facial expressions. As AR Emoji's looks good in the comparison , S9+ takes another step front in the comparison.

8. Design and Build

Design and Build

One more comparison which is based on the perception. Both iPhone X and S9+ have eye catching appearance. Both have a glass-sandwich design, where metal is encased between glass on the front and back.

But S9+, didn't made any noticeable change than it's previous versions. They haven't changed the position of the headphone jack also.

iPhone X has made some noticeable change to it's predecessors. It comes with bezel-less display. It removed it's touch ID and introduced FaceID. If you want a phone with uninterrupted screen you can prefer S9+ or if you want a phone with different design element, you can opt for iPhone X.

9. Speakers


iPhone X have 2 stereo speakers. One is on the bottom of the phone and another one in the earpiece. The S9+ also come with stereo speakers. Samsung started introducing it from the S9 series on wards. Along with stereo speakers, it also have Dolby Atmos codec which will give louder, high quality sound. We can customize the audio settings using the Samsung S9+, which another advantage over iPhoneX. 


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