The annual report from Economist’s Intelligence Unit compares prices of 150 variety of products and services like personal care products, Groceries, Clothing, Transportation, utility bills etc. and determines the costliest cities from all over the world.

1. Singapore


Singapore is an island city state of South Eastern Asia and was positioned the most costly city on the world for the fifth year in succession. According to Economist’s Intelligence Unit,Singapore is the expensive most city to own a car and run and third costliest city in terms of clothes prices

2. Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, The capital city of France is the only Euro area to come under this list. This city of Art, Fashion and culture offers higher rates for Alcohol, Transportation and Tobacco. While it serves as one of the greatest tourist destination, it is significant to note how expensive the trip might become. 

3. Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

Zurich tops the list of Swiss cities in terms of population and cost. As per EIU, It is the costliest Swiss city in the categories of Household, personal care, recreation, and entertainment. 

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Situated in Southeast China, this Asian city is known to be costliest in the categories of grocery shopping. Hong Kong is a major shopping destination. 

5. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, capital of Norway would have been the costliest city if ounces of beer was the only determining factor. 

6. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva seconded by Zurich,is the second most costly Swiss city in the household and personal care categories. 

7. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Capital of South Korea,Seoul is the only city apart from Singapore, which consistently maintained its position in this list. Grocery cost here is 50% higher than that of New York City. 

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Situated on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager, Copenhagen makes place in the list because of higher rates of transportation, personal care and recreation.

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Five years ago, Tel Aviv was ranked 34th in the list of costliest cities of world. And now,it has jumped quite a height with its hike in costs associated with car purchasing and running. According to Economist’s Intelligence Unit, the transport prices here is 79% higher than that of New York. Also, it was listed as the second most costly city for purchasing Alcohol. 

10. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Largest city of Australia has jumped a few steps to make it into the top ten expensive cities of world. The beautiful city comes with an expensive cost.



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