Malaysia is popular for its rich diversity and the exotic sites it offers to the visitors. Not only is Malaysia a melting pot of ethnic cultures, but it is also a blend of many different customs, cuisines, and religions all coexisting peacefully together. From large island groups to mountains, fertile highlands and tropical rainforest, the country’s geography is every bit as diverse.

1. Melaka


 This modern-day Malaysian city is now one of the best places to visit in Malaysia packed with architecture, culture, traditions, and cuisine all reflecting its rich heritage. The Portuguese Settlement in Melaka is characterized by charming villas and the remains of an old fort while the Dutch district features some of the oldest Dutch architecture in the East.

2. Cameron highlands

Cameron highlands

This is a famous place in Malaysia and provides a cool escape from the heat of the lowlands. It is one of the oldest tourist destinations in the country.Developed with an English garden charm, this beautiful tableland offers lush scenery, forests, lakes, wildlife and outdoor recreation. This region is also Malaysia's chief tea and flower producer.

3. Kota bharu

Kota bharu

Kota Bharu offers its own unique charm, attractions, shopping, and cuisine. Located in Peninsular Malaysia near the Thailand border, Kota Bharu is the capital of the Kelantan State. Much of Kota Bharu life revolves around the city’s bustling marketplace of which the Central Market is the largest. Surrounded by coffee shops and busy streets dotted with old trishaws, the Central Market is teeming local women working food stands and selling colorful fruits and vegetables.

4. Kuala lumpur

Kuala lumpur

The mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influence means that you'll have no shortage of culinary exploits in Malaysia's capital city.Interesting sights such as the Petronas Towers, the Perdana Lake Gardens, and Menara KL Tower provide plenty of enjoyable distractions before you head out to explore Malaysia.

5. Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu

 Kota Kinabalu is a fast-growing tourist destination due to its close proximity to tropical islands, rainforests, wildlife refuges, national parks and Malaysia’stallest peak, Mount Kinabalu. Commonly called KK by locals, Kota Kinabalu has a number of landmarks, memorials, and an observatory, which offers splendid views of the city. Just minutes from the city, the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park features five small islands that are ideal for snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

6. Penang


 Penang Island is a popular tourist destination due to its historic George Town and rich culinary diversity. Its position along one of the world’s most traveled shipping routes has infused Penang with a colorful array of cultures, architecture, and cuisine. No visit to Penang would be complete without a trishaw ride or walk around the island’s capital city, George Town, to see its British colonial architecture and historic Chinese and Indian temples.

7. Taman Negara

Taman Negara

Taman Negara is reputed to be the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. A popular ecotourism and adventure destination, this national park is teeming with wildlife from rare plants to exotic birds and scarce animals like the Malayan Tiger, Asian elephant, and Sumatran Rhinoceros. One of the most popular things to do in Taman Negara is the Canopy Walk, a long suspension bridge high above the treetops where visitors can walk and glimpse exotic birds. Guided night safaris are also available to see plants that only bloom at night,glow-in-the-dark fungi and nocturnal creatures like owls, leopard cats, and water dragons.

8. Langkawi


Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands located near the Andaman Sea. It has picturesque beaches, rainforest, mangroves and forest-clad mountains. In recent years, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other tourist facilities have developed in Langkawi, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the archipelago’s exceptional natural beauty.

9. Perhentian islands

Perhentian islands

Backpackers and budget travelers love Malaysia's Perhentian Islands, especially Perhentian Kecil -- the smaller of the two islands -- where fines and excellent snorkeling/diving fill the day before parties start at night. The Perhentian Islands are extremely seasonal. Accommodation can be difficult to find in July, the peak month, while the islands are mostly empty in the winter months.

10. Selangor


Selangor actually describes Malaysia's most developed and populated state that leads up to Kuala Lumpur's urban sprawl. Here you'll find a Formula One racetrack, the National Zoo of Malaysia, and enormous theme parks including an indoor snow park. Selangor is busy and booming; shopping mall sprawl as far as the eye can see. The famous Batu Caves are a Hindu shrine and draw large crowds, as do the abundance of fireflies along the river in Kuala Selangor.




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