Mauritius, which lies on the south-east of Africa, is a paradise for travelers as it offers surf, sand, and sun under one roof. Holidaying here can be a memorable experience as there are varieties of things to do in Mauritius. Being the number one spot for honeymooners, the beaches, islands, forts, parks, museums, shopping hubs, and monuments will keep the tourists on their toes.

1. Trou Aux Biches

Trou Aux Biches

For those who love snorkeling and swimming, TrouAux Biches should be the first place to visit in Mauritius. With gentle sands shelving calm, shallow and clear water, this is an ideal place for a beach picnic with family and friends. If you love street food, hog at the numerous stalls and cafes along the coast. A variety of cuisines can be tried here.

2. Belle Mare Plage

Belle Mare Plage

For early risers, Belle Mare Plage beach in Mauritius is a good choice to enjoy the sunrise. Take a dip while the sun comes up; you would be glad to add Belle Mare Plage beach to your list of must-visit tourist attractions in Mauritius. Experienced swimmers can enjoy swimming in the currents, which are a bit stronger than other beaches in Mauritius.Belle Mare Plage should be the undoubted choice for windsurfing and swimming.

3. Ile Aux Cerfs

Ile Aux Cerfs

Travelers from across the world come to Ile Aux Cerfs beach in Mauritius to spend time with folks and friends. Mostly jam-packed during the weekend, it can be fun if sand and sun make a good combo for you. A cool and relaxing one among places to see in Mauritius, it has some wonderful lagoons too. Water Sports lovers must come to Ile Aux Cerfs. It’s a good place for snorkeling as well.

4. Pereybere


The Pereybere beach is quite popular among travelers. Keep it on your list of ‘places to see in Mauritius’, if you love deep sea diving and snorkeling. Even though the water is deep in comparison to other beaches on the island, it is pleasingly calm.Corals and marine life at Pereybere are a treat for sea-life lovers.

5. Le Morne

Le Morne

Le Morne beach is best for those who love water sports. Backed by Le Morne Mountain, it is a perfect place for swimming. There are many watersports activities here the famous ones are- Windsurfing and kiteboarding.

6. Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park

If wild adventure is your style, visit Black River Gorges NationalPark. Spread in an area of approximately 68 km, it is best for the photographers looking for flower and fauna. If you are a researcher, then the park field stations can come in handy to know more about the national park.While trekking, one can find numerous wild pigs, rusa deer, privets, and Chinese guava. Some of the endangered species of birds and animals can even be seen in this national park.It is also famous for Hiking and camping.

7. Casela World of Adventures

Casela World of Adventures

Excited about safaris? Experience the wildlife safari organized at Cascavelle, which is a must see out of many places to visit in Mauritius, especially for the daredevils. Yes, the open jeep rides and elephant rides here are not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared for a face to face with tigers and leopards roaming freely in the safari trails.

8. Parc Francois Leguat

Parc Francois Leguat

Parc Francois Leguat is one of the sought after wildlife parks in Rodrigues Island, Mauritius. It is even called the turtle park, as there are hundreds and thousands of turtles of different ages. This place should be preferred if you are looking forward to some quality family time.

9. Tamarind Waterfalls

Tamarind Waterfalls

Tamarind Waterfalls are one of the best things to see in Mauritius. The waterfalls comprise a series of seven cataracts located on the Tamarin River and hence are often called the Seven Cascades. It is famous for a variety of activities like hiking, canyoneering, cliff jumping, bird-watching, and swimming.

10. Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur

This place is simply amazing, superb, relaxing and inspiring. Unique big waves crashing against the volcanic cliffs. The rocks being porous will make you hear, at each backslash, the rocks breathing. An amazing and sole experience everyone should see and enjoy.



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