Togo is one of the smallest countries of Africa on the Gulf of Guinea and is famous for its palm lined beaches, wildlife, Grand Marche bazaar for shopping spree and beautiful hilltop villages.

1. Koutammakou


Known as the ‘Land of theBatammariba’, Koutammakou is an UNESCO declared world heritage situated in North Togo. A culturally rich place where you can see glimpse of tribal lifestyle, culture, huts made of mud and thatched roofs, beautiful landscape and greenery. Tired of the modern busy lifestyle? This is perfect if you want to experience a simpler, tribal and rustic village lifestyle. 

2. Grand Marche, Lome

Grand Marche, Lome

Lome being the capital city of Togo was founded by German and other Europeans in 1800.  This is popular and bustling with crowd because of the biggest local bazaar Grand Marche  that occupies an entire city block and is set over three floors. Majority of vendors are women and children and you can find anything be it tops, cheap cosmetics, accessories etc. You can observe cocoa, palm products and oil packed in ports for export.

3. Lake Togo

Lake Togo

Togo Lake is 45 minutes distant from the capital of Togo-Lome and is a popular place amongst tourists. This is the largest lagoon in Togo and because of shallow water a lot of water sports and fun activities are arranged. You can take a water ride to its northern shore where Togoville is located, a city where major attractions are colonial cathedral and beaches.

4. Keran National Park

Keran National Park

Keran National Park has been expanded over years and large variety of creatures are added to its sanctuary and now it comprises of one third of all the national parks available in Togo. It’s a treat for nature and animal lovers. It’s famous for mammals, African elephants, eye- catching Kob, Nile crocodiles and Olive baboon. 

5. Aneho


Aneho was once the capital of German Togo and is one ancient and important city of Togo. Now, it’s a very serene and simple city with locals depending mostly upon agriculture,fishing. 

6. Togo Mountain

Togo Mountain

Togo Mountain is one of the must visit places of Togo. The mountain range is spread by the borders of Ghana, Benin and Togo. Some hills are included in the range of Niger and falls on their tourist attractions list. The breathtaking view from  these mountains is something special for hikers and one might spot African wild dogs if lucky enough.

7. Nok and Mamproug Cave Dwellings

Nok and Mamproug Cave Dwellings

It is one of the must go places of Togo. Nok and Mamproug Cave Dwellings are situated in North Togo in a region called Savanes. When you go inside these caves, you can observe 300 structures posing as defensive shelters  

8. Palace of the Governors

Palace of the Governors

This palace is the National heritage of Togo and you can observe their history. The Directorate of Museums, Historical Sites and Monuments submitted this attraction to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a possible World Heritage Site.

9. Kpalime


This one is popular for its market and country style living. Low lying bungalows and palm trees can be observed throughout the town. Places worth seeing while in Kpalime are waterfallslike Tomegbe and Kpoeta and Bazaar where you can find variety of things like Voodoo wood carvings, beautiful ceramic creations, mysterious religious trinkets, and– the popular most – coffee beans, cacao, and tropical fruits of Togo. 

10. Agbodrafo


Agbodrafo is an interesting spot for tourists as it allows them to sit by the shore of the biggest lagoon of Togo, i.e. Togo Lake and enjoy themselves. There are several resorts meant for tourists who can stay and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this lagoon. The place also arrange a few water sports like pedal boating,jet skiing and that’s an attraction one can’t miss.



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