Introducing reliance Jio in India was a revolution for Indian telecom industry. This is how our life has changed after this.

Life before and after Reliance Jio of a normal Indian mobile phone user

A normal Indian mobile phone user and its journey before introduction of Reliance Jio to the present day is spectacular. We are blessed to have experience one such revolutionary journey. Reliance Jio has offered us with more than one ways and surprised Indian mobile users.

I remember being an internet savvy using 1 GB data per month which used to be more than enough then. On an average per day consumption of data was around 25 to 30 Megabytes for an individual. We spent approximately 300 bucks for 1 GB data at 3G speed and it was more than sufficient until Jio surprised us with their revolutionary vision of changing face of telecom industry.

Telecom industry was moving smoothly and data packs, voice call rates were touching peaks day by day. Airtel, idea, Vodafone and other telecom companies were at very comfortable situation unless Jio was introduced and offered 3 months of free Internet and voice call to consumers. Many thought of it as one of those pseudo promises but they stayed true to their words. They did provide unlimited internet (Literally) and free voice calls.

Before very few people were using internet and now they are using social networking sites, watching videos in YouTube, creating channels, learning through Quora,watching Netflix and what not. It seems impossible surviving a day without using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are using LinkedIn, naukri,matrimony sites and many more.  Jio has changed our lives and so the telecom industry. More popularity of 4G phones over other have raised their market demand and Unlimited internet connection and voice calls of Jio gave tough competition to their contemporaries resulting in huge drop of cost for internet plans.

We get 1 GB data daily and that’s not enough for us now whereas 1GB data for a month used to be more than enough earlier. Jio helped very much grow the concept of digital India and going cashless. More than average number of people are using digital mode of transactions for payment, purchasing through eCommerce sites, learning things on the go with YouTube videos and tutorials,webinars have become casual. Life after Jio has definitely seen a dramatic change. We are more prone to learn new technologies and adapt changes.

As much as it has helped our lives getting better, it spread its market to those in rural areas. Their vision was not to target the cities only but to reach masses in villages and rural areas too. The perfect marketing of Jio helped those village folks connecting with rest of the world, they are learning to make banking transactions through phone, learn latest technologies and methods that help in farming etc.

It won’t be wrong if one speak about its 4G data speed which may be better in other networks and reliance Jio definitely have to up their game in regards to this factor. But, its contribution to Indian telecom industry cannot be left unspoken or unrecognized. For India, Reliance Jio has opened the doors of communication, globalization and marketing to the world. 


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