Internet has helped ease our lives, life without it seems impossible.

Life without internet

Human life gets easier with advent of technology. We have machines doing our work for instance washing machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, juicer etc. One such advancement and boon to our life is invention of Internet. Earlier we were using internet to serve few purposes and now we are completely dependent on internet. Usual tasks are more simplified with internet. We don’t need to rush to a shop for getting our recharge done, one can do it online, transfer funds,pay bills over internet. This obviously makes one’s life a lot easier.

Early were the days when we had to stand in a queue for paying electricity bills,telephone bills, with internet we can do it in few clicks without being worried. We can book cab, taxis for places we want to go from home itself. We don’t actually need to step out and bring groceries and shop when we can shop online. We can always order takeout food from our favorite restaurant.

Life is easier with internet but not necessarily impossible without internet. It definitely helps in economic growth, political and social awareness, learning and job opportunities in country. Little do we realize the actual meaning of development! Are we developing with the technologies we have in our hand. Life has become simpler but are we using Internet for the good to make world a better place. Happy and peaceful for we people.

Internet and its capabilities are infinite and can be used for evil purposes as well.People can spread negative, wrong, provocative information through internet that may hurt others sentiment. We should be very much aware of its usage and how it can affect one.

Issues like cyber crime, identity theft, online fraud, hacking, online abuse, stalking,bullying are common these days. Internet is supposed to make our lives better and not destroy. There are plenty of good things you can do over internet so stop every wrong activity you see happening around you and raise your voice.

With the help of internet the world is connected, we stay in touch with people miles away from us. We use social platform to share our thoughts, we use YouTube,Netflix, and Hotstar for entertainment purpose. Effective communication is possible because of internet. Companies provide online support to its customers, constantly communicate with client. All this is not possible without internet.

Imagine a day without internet, we have to do all our work manually, banking transactions won’t be an easy job, standing in queue for hours for bill payment, little progress on business. Learning things online won’t be possible.Without internet, life will be difficult.

Today we are so much dependent on internet for every little things that we can’t imagine a life without it. As much as it brings ease to our lives, we should be careful with it now more than ever. Using this resource for good helps in development of an individual or society while wrong usage can cause serious troubles.


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