Kids using smartphones can have negative impacts and affect their lifestyle. This article list a few of those major risks.

Negative effect of smartphones on kids

People are more prone to use smartphones today than ever. Not only they use this gadget themselves but give their kids smartphone to keep a track of them, to ensure safety. These smartphones can be handy at troubled times, can be used to make phone calls, text or access internet. However, they have plenty of negative impacts on kids.

First three years of a child is the developing year when its brain develops depending on the surrounding responses. Usage of smartphones at this very age can impact its development and slow down the pace with which it grows. Serious issues have been observed in teens because of excessive usage of smartphones.

Behavioral issues: Kids that spend more time on smartphones are known to have more anger issues, behavioral problems. It makes kids distant from their parents, they start acting impulsive, more reactive to others.

Leads to Obesity: Kids now a day spend more time on smartphone chatting with their friends, surfing internet and hence less time for physical activity.Today’s kids prefer video games, play station over actual sports that demands physical activity and cause obesity in kids.

Social awkwardness: When a kid spend more time on these gadgets and less time interacting with people, they lack human skills which is very much required to build a child’s personality. They will avoid interacting with other kids, other people, even less time with their parents.

Hampering Academic Performance: Academic performance can fall drastically if parents doesn’t pay attention whether their kids are following school seriously or using more smartphones. Their usage of these should be controlled by guardians.

Impact on Mental Health: Plenty of online activities and unfair usage of it leads to cyber bullying. Kids may suffer from depression if not supervised properly. They have adverse effects on a kid’s brain, the radiation emitted from these smartphones affect their learning abilities. Their creative abilities are highly affected.

Causes Disease: Adult brain is more compatible for fighting than that of kids and hence they absorb more than 60% of radiations emitted from these devices and can cause nonmalignant tumors and cancer. Excessive usage of smartphones make kids more vulnerable to these disease.

Addiction for Smartphones: Smartphones offer variety of interesting activities that captivates kid’s attention and becoming addicted is nothing uncommon. When not given what they are addicted to makes them annoying, anxious and irritated.They can show high temperamental issues.

Sleep Deprived: For spending more time on internet, chatting with their friends they sleep very less. And less sleep leads in mood swings,attitude problem. Parents need to control their kid’s activities.

Violent behavior: Action games that shows violence, videos, and movies and people a kid come across while online can make them behave violently. As kids have tendency to adapt things they observe near them, they will be more vulnerable to these and unknowingly can behave in improper ways.

Smartphones as it has positive affect, have negative effects as well and kids intend to face more of these negative effects. Parental control and tracking their smartphone usage can reduce these risks.


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