Social media has affected our lives in more ways than one. This article is all about their role in our day to day life.

Role of Social Media in your life

Over a decade, Social media has ahuge impact on our lifestyle. Gone are the days when we used to read newspapersin the morning, communicate with people in bus, train, metro, chitchat inoffice.  Now we prefer our Facebookfriends and Instagram followers over our real life friends. We rely on them fornews, current affairs, entertainment. We are dependent on social media for thegood and for the bad.

Evolution of social media has completely changed the traditional approach to lives. There were days when in leisure visited park, spent time in library and now what we do is spent hours in social media. Good or bad it has become an integral part of our lives.

Imagine a day where you will go out travelling places and won’t post it on Facebook, or have some mouthwatering dishes in a fancy restaurant and won’t make it an Instagram story or one of those crazily spent days won’t make your news story. Quite unimaginable isn’t it? Even those socially awkward ones (who don’t prefer speaking in public) end up sharing their deepest thoughts. We are more concerned of capturing moments,the perfect picture that will leave our social cite friends awestruck. Getting likes is somehow has become more important than being liked by someone.

Human interaction has experienced a huge drop in numbers. We think making friends in social networking sites are easier than real life. We barely talk to the people we meet and greet, well we don’t greet many people. Do we?

A day without indulgence in social media makes one anxious. We rely on social sites for latest news, gossips, it is assumed to be a trusted media that helps information reaching mass. We are informed, entertained through these media and our responsibility as an individual is to testify misleading information and stop spreading it. Not sharing any information is much better than Sharing wrong or misleading information. It may hurt one’s sentiment, values, may have provocative effects over an individual, group or community.

Enormous platform that connects people from all over the world specially is a boon for business units. The marketing and advertising units have got the exposure of targeting new audiences, connecting with existing audience and hence building market and creating more demand for their products and services.

Involvement in social media could entertain us but excessive use of it resulting addiction and misleading interpretation of rights, Identity theft are few factors that affect an individual drastically. Cyber crime is one such name we are all aware of and we must be careful with how we use these sites.

Social media has to offer everything that we need for a living, we can get information right from grocery products to apparels, we can connect to company profiles for job hunt,we get information, updates, latest news everything comes handy. All we need to do is click on our browser and access. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are a few examples of this league. In every field of life, it has some contribution or other. It’s completely our responsibility how we can make this into a boon only and not regret this being an ardent role in our lives. 


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